Lovely Day was founded as a natural cosmetics brand in early 2016 by Josephine Förster and quickly grew into an online shop that carries not only innovative but effective brands that look aesthetically pleasing while being good for your skin.

Animal-Friendly Lifestyle

We love animals. Whether it is snail extract, honey, silk proteins, or hyaluronic acid taken from birds, you would be surprised how many ingredients in your cosmetics are not vegan or even vegetarian. We only carry vegan products, no exceptions, not ever.

We donate 5% of our online sales to animal rescue organizations. We support different organizations each month, so please send us your suggestions as to who may need our help!

Natural and Clean

Did you know that the human body absorbs about two kilos of cosmetic ingredients every year? Sounds crazy right? Well, these are not only your skin but also accumulate in your body, so we wanted to take a second to explain our take on this.

We stand for innovative care products that are made up of 100% natural raw materials, that are not harmful, do not accumulate in your body, do not have any hormonal effects, and are not carcinogenic. 

A New Kind of Luxury

Above all, we want to prove that words such as natural, vegan, and sustainable, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the performance of a product. However we don’t stop there, and that’s why we carry the highest quality glass bottles to serve products to you. They look good on your shelf too! 

Last but not least, we rely on transparency and communication, so write us, follow us, like us, review products, share pictures and be a part of our mission... it's worth it. We promise!


Home brand made in Berlin

Lovely Day stands for modern, high-performance, natural cosmetics from Berlin. Our Clean Beauty concept means we never use questionable, synthetic, petroleum-based, or animal ingredients. We nixed environmentally harmful packaging too.

At our in-house laboratory, we harness the power of plant-based ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, and fruit acid to create high-performance products. Pamper yourself with silky textures and effective formulations that will help you to restore your natural GLOW. And most importantly, all without compromising any animals, or the environment.

Josy: “I’ve been working with the production of natural cosmetics since I was a teenager. During that time I was suffering with severe skin problems, and nothing seemed to work. I had the feeling that most products were very one-sided. Meaning the products made to fight impurities tend to dry out the skin out, whereas the ones made for hydration caused pimples. My aunt is a chemist, and with her help, I developed a basic knowledge, which I have then perfected over the years. Over 10 years of natural cosmetic use have also shown me that not everything that nature has to offer is equally as good. Various essential oils and botanical essences, alcohol and organic acids can permanently irritate and trigger allergies. Thus my passion to create a special beauty brand with products that are absolutely and consistently great for the skin, the environment, and animals, was born. A brand that is both fun and effective, and makes every day a lovely day!”